El Toro N.E.T. Bases

Our bases are not concentrates. They are 100% naturally extracted blends from the finest tobaccos using the gentler method possible. Cold press and plenty of time to mature are our secrets.

El Toro bases are designed to replace your plain VG and PG and to be used in the background just like stock is used in cooking. The mild tobacco aromas will add another dimension and full body taste to any fusion liquid without being overpowering. The result is extraordinary tobacco blends and fusion liquids far superior to plain base mixes.


There is no wrong way to use our bases. It depends on your flavourings, your taste-that is after all subjective-, and of course the individual liquid you are trying to achieve.

The following percentages however are simplistic guides to help you start.
Tobacco liquids: Use over 60% ElToro base
Beverages fusion liquids: Use 30%-60% ElToro base
Fruit fusion liquids: Use 20%-40% ElToro base
Sweet fusion liquids: Use 10%-40% ElToro base
Mint fusion liquids: Use 10%-20% ElToro base